Putting Patios to Work

One of our earliest projects was featured in the March 2016 Hardscapes issue of Landscape Contractor. The article features paver sub-surface products which can help combat climate conditions and make paver hardscapes safe and comfortable. ThermaPANEL is featured for its paver cooling and pool heating capabilities demonstrated by the Gateway Canyons Resort project in Gateway, Colorado.

Gateway is a testament to the ThermaPANEL system heat transfer properties and short ROI. To learn more, read the full article here.

Solar water heating and collection serve as a unique function of the ThermaPANEL system design allowing many applications to pay for themselves over time. When a pool is involved, ThermaPANEL has the ability to not only snowmelt but also cool the pavers and heat the pool. Pavers exposed to the sun can become extremely hot making outdoor spaces unsafe, unbearable, and unusable. By extracting the heat from the surface paver, ThermaPANEL lowers the temperature of the paver capturing solar-generated heat to be used for a pool, spa, or supplemental hot water source. By reducing or eliminating the cost of heating a pool or spa, ThermaPANEL will pay for itself and create a comfortable and safe outdoor environment year-round.

To learn more about snowmelting options check out The ABCs of Snowmelting.
Article Published by Landscape Communications, Inc. in Landscape Contractor / DBM
Article Written by Mike Dahl, LC DBM
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