Heated Pavers: 3 Reasons You Will Not See Refreeze with ThermaPANEL

3 Reasons You Will Not See Refreeze with ThermaPANEL | Heated Pavers

When it comes to installing a snow melting system under pavers, especially involving pedestals, the risk of refreezing is a concern. Refreeze can damage the existing pavers, ruin the drainage system, and create black ice that can lead to slips and falls. Learn more about why pedestal pavers freeze first.

When using a ThermaPANEL system, refreeze does not occur. Let’s explore three reasons why…

 3 Reasons You Will Not See Refreeze with ThermaPANEL | Heated Pavers

1) Pavers are evenly heated

In this thermal image, the concrete paver on the left has the ThermaPANEL underneath and the concrete paver to the right has radiant tubing. As you can see, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the left paver. This prevents “cold spots” where melted snow could refreeze. Porcelain pavers heat up very quickly and concrete pavers take a little longer to come up to temperature, but once heated they retain the heat longer.

2) Snow evaporates as it falls on the pavers

When the ThermaPANEL system is up and running, it brings the paver to a temperature that allows snow to evaporate as it hits the paver. A portion of the snow that falls evaporates and the rest drains below towards the pedestals and the drain.

3) Space underneath pavers has ample heat

The space in-between the roof membrane and the bottom of the pavers can be over a foot high in some places. This added space is a concern for the melted snow to refreeze, but the heat from the ThermaPANEL system reaches that space. Each panel is connected by tubing that has heated fluid circulating it. More rolls of tubing tie rows of panels back to the manifold. These together provide enough heat under the pedestal pavers to prevent refreeze from occurring.

ThermaPANEL systems are the engineered solution for maintaining comfortable, functional, and safe outdoor spaces year-round for all elevated pedestal-mounted paver areas. With automated controls, a ThermaPANEL system can help prevent frozen dew from forming and eliminate any snow or ice accumulation, reducing slip and fall risk for building owners.

To learn more about ThermaPANEL hydronic radiant heating systems and the many benefits of having automated snow-melting for your pedestal-mounted paver spaces,contact us today and , download our product brochure.