10 State Street

Portsmouth, NH

Located in our home town of Portsmouth, NH, this waterfront condominium complex has an enclosed driveway/parking area located in a way that does not allow for physical snow removal.

The developer had already installed an asphalt sub-layer and required a system that would work well with a paver installation. A tube-based system that required a sand setting bed for the pavers would exceed the height of the garage floor levels and allow for rutting in the pavers over time. The developer was relieved to discover Therma-HEXX and our low profile system.

Therma-HEXX installed high-density insulation on the panels and laid them directly on the asphalt sub-layer. A thin ½” setting bed of stone dust allowed for the pavers to be mounted over the ThermaPANEL units. The asphalt sub-layer is permeable and the system allows for any water that migrates through the paver joints to dissipate into the ground below.