30 Hudson Yards

New York, NY

This project is a great example of the lengths that the Therma-HEXX team will go to in order to solve a client’s engineering challenges.

The architect’s vision of creating the highest observation platform in the western hemisphere created many engineering challenges.

The platform is a cantilevered, delta wing-shaped deck. It features a glass floor oculus in the center of the deck. It is located on the 101st level of a high rise in the Hudson Yards megaproject in Manhattan.

Therma-HEXX was commissioned to engineer a snow and ice melting system that could integrate with the 4” thick, 600 pound, 5’ triangular granite pavers in addition to other paver sizes and shapes. The system required pedestal mounting in the field as well as concrete thick set surface mounting at the perimeter to accommodate rolling heavy glass maintenance equipment with extremely high point loads. Each stone required an individual leveling adjustment.

The solution involved using a permeable concrete setting material at the perimeter with the ThermaPANEL units embedded in those areas and a pedestal/grate system for the interior areas. The pedestals support a composite grate platform designed to match each individual stone paver. The ThermaPANEL system is laid out on top of the adjustable grates with the stone pavers set directly on top of the panels. The pavers are gapped 1/8” to provide for water runoff to the roof drains below.

By having a Therma-HEXX snow and ice melting system, this observation deck is able to be open and safe for paying patrons year-round. It provides for a significant income stream for the owners and a major new tourist attraction for New York City.