Concord Residence

Concord, MA

Thermal Solar Pool Heating System in Concord MA

We installed a solar thermal pool heating system for a residence in Concord MA

This residential home in Massachusetts required a terrace heating and cooling system and solar heating for the pool.

In the winter, the ground-mounted bluestone terrace and pool is heated by the ThermaPANEL system installed directly beneath the pavers using a boiler. In the summer, the solar energy that heats the pavers is transferred from the hot pavers to the glycol in the ThermaPANEL system which then transfers the energy through a heat exchanger to the pool water. If there is not enough solar energy to heat the pool, the water is then heated by the boiler as the return water flows from the heat exchanger to the boiler.

This system maximizes the ROI by providing year-round comfort, safety, and energy savings.