Hamptons Residence

Southampton, NY

Solar Thermal Pool Heating System in Southampton, NY

We installed a thermal solar pool heating system for a residence in Southampton, NY

This beachfront home, in the Hamptons, has a pool that the owner wanted to be primarily heated with solar energy.

Therma-HEXX was commissioned to design an invisible, modular hydronic solar collection system that did not require any external space and that could be integrated into a large slab stone patio that is mounted on pedestals over a waterproof slab. The system also required that it integrate up to the patio edge of the infinity-edge pool gutter providing an appearance that the water is filled to the height of the paver top without spilling onto the pavers.

Therma-HEXX worked closely with the pool engineers and the paver installers to create details and an installation process that met the owner’s requirements.

The system heats the pool using heat energy collected from the solar-heated pavers and transfers that energy into the pool water on the pool circulation system through a heat exchanger. The added benefit is that the system cools the patio while heating the pool, a win-win. On cloudy days, the pool heater turns on automatically if there is not enough solar energy. In the winter, the pool heater can be used to snowmelt the patio if needed.