Missoula MT Composite Deck Snow Melt

Western Montana

The owner of this home wanted to replace his cedar deck with composite decking while retaining the original deck framing. Therma-HEXX accommodated him by designing a system that would fit into his existing 24″ on center framing and work with his existing snow melt boiler that handled his driveway snow melt system. We were even able to incorporate our system into the lid of his motorized TV lift at the Jacuzzi to keep the TV lid snow free. Therma-HEXX worked closely with the owner for accurate measurements, the deck contractor and the mechanical contractor to ensure a clean and effective installation.

In addition, we designed a set of custom panels that were able to snow melt odd shaped triangular areas adjoining his steps for a snow and ice free deck from edge to edge. His testimonial can be seen in the testimonial section.