Williamsburg Hotel

96 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
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Indoor Radiant Heating System

The developers of the Williamsburg Hotel built a rooftop restaurant and bar that resembles an old wooden water tank.

The structure has a very high height to floor area ratio and required a high-performance heating system that was not visible.  Therma-HEXX engineers were called upon to provide a modular ThermaPANEL underfloor heating system that would only require 1 ½” of height and that could be mounted directly on the concrete structural slab. 2×2 sleepers were placed between the panels to allow for the attachment of the antique wood flooring to be mounted directly on top of the ThermaPANEL system.

This is the first interior use of the ThermaPANEL system.  Future interior applications will include heating and cooling in suspended acoustic ceilings for office buildings, high rises, and restaurants.