Quick Questions: Product Durability

Quick Questions will be a regular blog segment where we answer the most common questions we receive regarding ThermaPANEL as a product, and Therma-HEXX as a company. Each segment will serve to answer a specific question in an attempt to give clarity and offer insight about how to approach solving problems with ThermaPANEL.

How durable is the ThermaPANEL and how long will it last?

ThermaPANEL carries a 25-year warranty.

ThermaPANEL is made from a bimodal copolymer known as PE-RT. This resin is a blend of LLDPE and HDPE and is produced by DOW Chemical. This makes for a rigid plastic panel with low crack propagation. This plastic was designed with a life expectancy exceeding 50 years.

The modular ThermaPANELs are connected to each other with an S-shaped tube allowing for installation flexibility and ease of shipping. The tubes are connected to the panels via socket fusion-welded connections, thus eliminating any mechanical type of joints.

In the unlikely event of an issue, the modular design of the system provides for quick and easy repair. Each panel is permanently marked with its location in the system so that troubleshooting is methodical and highly efficient. In a paver installation, panel replacement can take as little as 15 minutes.


ThermaPANEL systems have a long life expectancy. If an issue does arise, the design allows for simple troubleshooting and repair. Furthermore, the system is also capable of increasing the lifespan of concrete, paver, and stone surfaces.