Why Radiant Heat Under Pavers Works Well in Aspen, CO

Radiant Heat Under Pavers Paver Snow Melt System

Residents in the Aspen, Colorado area look to include snow melting systems for patios, roof decks, and terrace spaces.

Including radiant heat for these spaces increases the value of the property and maximizes the enjoyment and comfortability of homeowners.

How do you provide heat under a paver system when using pedestals?

Aspen’s new building codes, however, have specific weight and load-bearing requirements. These codes prevent the use of traditional radiant tubing in a poured concrete setting.

Architects designing these spaces look for an alternative that can both meet code requirements and satisfy the needs of their customers.

A great alternative to a poured slab of concrete is using a pedestal paver system. Here is an informative article about the benefits of, pedestal pavers.

The question then becomes, “How do you provide heat under a paver system when using pedestals?”

“… transfers heat evenly across the entire paver surface.”

ThermaPANEL, by Therma-HEXX, was designed for this exact reason. This modular radiant heating system also referred to as “snow-melting mats”, is in direct contact with the above paver. Fluid is pumped throughout the system and transfers heat evenly across the entire paver surface.

Radiant Heat Under Pavers Paver Snow Melt System

This roof deck (picture to the right) in Aspen, CO utilized 1” x 2” pavers and Buzon Pedestals. The snowmelt system was designed and engineered by Therma-HEXX.

The system was prefabricated in rows that matched the grid layout of the paver area. This ensures an easy installation.

Big Mountain Plumbing & Heating and Hansen Construction were responsible for the project featured to the right and the first picture was completed by Madigan + Company.

More and more homeowners are adopting the use of a paver system using raised deck pavers and including a ThermaPANEL heated paver system because they want their patio space to be snow and ice-free while meeting the county’s code requirements.

For more information about how ThermaPANEL works, download our brochure. If you have a project that you want to discuss, contact us today.

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