Adding New Dimensions to Architectural Design

Architectural design is often thought of as simply the creation of aesthetically pleasing spaces or buildings, but it is much more than that. Without the presence of a well-thought-out design, your everyday activities would be extremely frustrating. Just think about your favorite clothing. You like it because of how it looks, but it’s the details that make you love it. The aesthetics make you like something but it’s the deeper and more thought out design considerations, the functionality, which brings out emotion and creates a much more pleasurable experience.

Look at this beautifully designed rooftop terrace in southern California for example (shown above). This is a stunning outdoor space, with incredible views and great functionality on moderate temperature days. On hot summer days, this installation would benefit from a ThermaPANEL system and capture valuable solar energy while cooling the paver surface. On cool evenings and mornings, it would benefit from some invisible radiant heat that the occupants would feel and enjoy.

Considering a similar design concept in New York, shown below; in the summer months you have a space with beautiful views and great functionality, however, in the summer the surface and environment will be too hot, as soon as winter hits, the space loses all of its utility due to frost, snow and ice buildup. Four months or 33% of its functionality, and much of its beauty as well as egress, which may be a code requirement, will be lost. By adding heat to the paver surface in the spring and fall, the system can provide comfortable morning or evening enjoyment of the space. With so much thought and time going into the design of such a space, it deserves to be appreciated throughout the seasons. ThermaPANEL can combat climate-related limitations by adding a 4th dimension to your outdoor spaces, safety, comfort, and utility.

ThermaPANEL is the only viable option for rooftop snow melting or cooling, providing a manufactured solution to overcome various environmental obstacles. Architects and designers can begin to look at spaces in new ways, with a four-season mindset.

With the ability to extend the outdoor season, and keep a space usable, comfortable, and safe year-round, the investment in the space will have added value.

For more information on Therma-HEXX’s snow melting system, patio cooling system, and solar pool heating system download our brochure or contact us with details about your pedestal paver projects.