How Hot Is Too Hot?

Surfaces exposed to the sun, especially pedestal-mounted pavers, get extremely hot. With extended periods of sun exposure, these surfaces reach temperatures exceeding 180 degrees Fahrenheit and often exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, skin can burn with direct contact in only a matter of seconds. Even when pavers are cooler than this, at around the 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit range, skin can burn with prolonged exposure, but at the very least, it is extremely uncomfortable to be in contact with. Hot surfaces can ruin the usability of a space, and even cause serious injuries.

Beyond the Burn: ThermaPANEL solution

ThermaPANEL can drastically reduce these temperatures by absorbing heat energy into glycol fluid that flows through the panels. This fluid is circulated through a heat exchange device and efficient heat transfer is accomplished. The thermal energy stored in the pavers acts as a thermal battery that can transfer that energy to heat pools, domestic water, or other locations. This can reduce pool heating costs, or domestic water heating costs drastically. This is discussed more in The 3 Best Uses for ThermaPANEL.

We recently installed a snowmelt system on a rooftop patio on a brownstone in Brooklyn. The owners were not interested in cooling the patio, but that quickly changed in the summer. The space was so hot they couldn’t enjoy it during the peak patio season.

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