How ThermaPANEL Integrates with Different Pavers and Finished Surfaces

Rectangle Pavers:

Although we promote 2′ x 2′ square pavers in a stacked bond as the ideal grid layout for pedestal roof decks, we understand that this aesthetic doesn’t always mesh with the architect or designer’s vision for the space. We pride ourselves on working to incorporate our systems into the architectural design to make it work for all parties involved. Here are a few options for paver sizes and grid layouts that can be accommodated by adding and adjusting the location of the supporting pedestals:

1. 2′ x 2′ Stacked & Running Bond

Roof Pavers
Running Bond Roof Pavers

2. 1′ x 2′ Stacked Bond

1 x 2 Roof Pavers

3. 2′ x 4′ Stacked & Running Bond

2 x 4 Roof Pavers
2 x 4 Pedestal Pavers

4. 2′ x 3′ Stacked & Running Bond

2 x 3 Roof Pavers
2 x 3 Pedestal Pavers

Non-rectangle Pavers:

If the hardscape design includes irregular or non-rectangle pavers, it is still possible to incorporate a ThermaPANEL snowmelt system. The preferred solution is to install Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) grates on the pedestals. This allows the paver grid to be independent of the pedestal grid while still providing structure. The FRP grate provides a level platform for ThermaPANEL to sit while allowing a variety of paver sizes and layouts to sit on top. This assembly method does add cost in terms of materials, and may not work for every single shape or size of paver, but it allows much more flexibility in paver grid design than simply using pedestal supports at paver junctions alone.

Heated Deck Patio

Plank Decking:

For projects that have opted for the aesthetic of a wood deck instead of pavers, there are still ways to implement a ThermaPANEL system. If the deck planks are to be mounted perpendicular to joists, the joists can be spaced 25¼” on center (assuming 2″ x 6″ joists) and 2″ x 2″ sleepers can be fastened to the joists so that the ThermaPANEL is recessed but supported along its edges.

Snow Melting IPE Wood Decks

The bottom line is that ThermaPANEL can be integrated into a wide variety of paver grid layouts, as well as decking. There are countless creative solutions for every project, and we work to implement custom systems that fit the vision of the architect. If you still have questions about how the ThermaPANEL will fit into your project, you can download our brochure or, contact us to get the conversation started!